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He impressed Rihanna over his physical resemblance to her and now wins as a model

The diva made it known on her social networks and from there it rose like foam.

A few weeks ago, Rihanna She was impressed to discover a photo of a girl with an incredible physical resemblance to her. By the time he showed it on his official Instagram profile and generated a lot of follower reactions and a lot of Hollywood stars. Now the girl succeeds as a model after being signed to the agency.

"I almost hung up the phone. How?", The Barbados singer wrote when she posted the picture on her Instagram account. Rihanna He does, because the photo that transmitted the pop giant has reached more than seven million likes and 90,000 comments.

Ala's face toured the virtual sphere in minutes, and other stars like Tire Banks begged her to find her to help her fulfill her dream of being a role model. Now the fact is that the girl has signed with cosmetics company The Mane Choice, and recently traveled to Los Angeles to participate in a signature campaign and please fans who wanted a photo with little Rihanna.

For her part, Mane Choice CEO and founder Courtney Adeleye said: "Not only does she have an incredible attitude and work ethic at such an early age, she also loves her hair." On the other hand, the girl's fame on Instagram has increased significantly since the artist posted her photo and gained more than 140,000 followers in recent weeks.

In addition,
He took the opportunity to thank his idol for the opportunity to fulfill it
dream. "One of the biggest things you can give someone is
opportunity. What you do with the opportunity depends on you. Thank you
Rihanna, I’m not going to let you down, ”he wrote on a social network he manages
directly by his mother.

Rihanna She is one of the most famous and influential celebrities of the moment. Forbes magazine has named her the richest singer in the world, but her wealth does not only come from her music, especially since she was three years away from recording studios and stages. But in the competitive entertainment world, he couldn't stand still and decided to embark on a personal project that has spread across the globe today.

The Barbados singer He has the ability to deal with anything he touches: music, fashion, makeup and beauty. But this sea of ​​obligation is not the music that publishes the most profits, which fans surely do. Robyn Rihanna Fenty He entered this sphere when he was 15, and now Forbes has declared him the "richest music artist in the world" to earn more than $ 600 million.

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