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Health Problem – Agencia Orbita

Usually, circumcision is usually associated with cultural or religious motives. We know that Arab nations, Jews and some African ethnic groups have been practicing this practice for centuries. But beyond its religious connotation, circumcision has proven to provide multiple benefits.

What does it consist of?

Trimming is a process consisting of removing excess skin by covering the penis head by means of a circular cut. This procedure is usually performed in the early days of life so it is important to remember that at this point in time the decision on whether this procedure is to be performed falls on the parents.

Fimoza is the main indication for performing circumcision in later years. It consists in narrowing the foreskin in such a way as to prevent glaucoma detection.

But what happens in the case of an adult. There is a misconception that circumcision can only be carried out in children. Nothing beyond the truth. Currently, many adults go through this procedure for various reasons.


From aesthetic goals to cases of diabetic patients, where friction of the foreskin causes frequent injuries and infections that can endanger the circulation of that area.

At present, one of the benefits of circumcision is reducing the risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases. World Health Organization (WHO) points out, according to research conducted in Africa, that circumcision reduces the risk of infections such as HIV by up to 60% in cases of heterosexual relationships. It also reduces the risk of herpes and human papillomavirus. It should be noted that this only reduces the risk but does not eliminate it.

There are also innovative trimming procedures, such as laser procedures. In Ubridation, the Urology Clinic Center, a laser circumcision procedure is implemented, which ensures that patients are treated with first-rate technology.

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