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"If Maura fancies, do not call me"

In 2018, Paulina Lopez, a dancer who, following the release of his "Red Heart" release with Maura Rivera, Daniela Castillo, Carolina Soto and Leticia Zamorano, fired the next "irresponsible".

Currently the artist thinks he will not be invited to be a jury for Rojo because of his differences with current animator Maura Rivera.

In an interview with Fotech, López explained that this conflict broke his friendship with his former counterparts.

"I closed that chapter, I try not to remember it, because it was something uncomfortable, where my friendship with Leticia (Zamorano) was damaged because we were very friends and we obviously did not"He convinced him.

"With other girls we were very good associates, we did well, but unfortunately, what happened and obviously I am I will never work with them again. I did not get used to doing so, except when she was with her friends, "he said.

"To be honest, I think Maura (Rivera) is encouraging, impossible to call me, that's obviously I think"He condemned.

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