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Ignore negative feelings that destroy us – 30.12.2018

Have you ever been advised not to be so sensitive? The world we live in offers us, every time, more temptation to leave the side of feeling and move the pain. Listening to what the interior is trying to say is difficult, and although it may seem like a good thing in the short term, it's a trap: if we ignore these messages, we endure more in the long run.

Although we think everything is happeningIgnoring feelings can have a very high price and be harmful to our body. When we move away, suppress or criticize for feelings, health suffers. Research and losing fear of feeling lead us to the opposite. The sensation leads to healing.

Effects of avoiding feelings

According to psychologist Maria Súnico, the possible effects of ignoring, refusing or avoiding negative emotions can be several, and none of them is positiveIt may happen that these emotions continue to worsen – that is, to have more intensity, frequency, or duration – or to begin to show inappropriate behavior in order to try to neutralize them. Such behaviors may range from tapping (reversal and repetition) to escape strategies (alcohol, drugs, drugs …).

Dealing with our emotions is the first step in our treatment

Dealing with our emotions is the first step in our treatment

A recent Texas University study has shown how, by avoiding our emotions, we actually strengthen them, thus increasing our aggressiveness. It can generate many diseases in the body and mind, causing many health problems.

By suppressing emotions, we are confused and hurt our body deeply. Emotions affect our entire body; Our body fights for our survival and strives to keep us safe at all times. Although we tend to think that confronting us with emotions does not put us in a comfortable position, knowing how to react to emotion and process can ultimately protect us from dangers, both physical and mental.

Suppression of negative emotions – anger, sadness, pain or frustration – is associated with heart disease, autoimmune disorders, sores or gastrointestinal problems. Other studies also show this depression of feelings correlates with high cortisol – a hormone releasing itself in response to stress) – and that cortisol produces less immunity and increases toxic patterns of thought. Over time, eUntreated or acknowledged stress can lead to increased risk of diabeteswith problems with memory, aggression, anxiety and depression.

Acceptance is crucial

Although listening to our emotions is scary and we may feel weird, self-analyzing, education about the science of emotion and slowly gaining confidence means great improvementConversation from refusal to accept overnight may not be entirely healthy.

Za Súnico, The best we can do to deal with negative emotions is to accept ita. "There is an emotion, it happens, can hit (sometimes pain), but always ends with disappearance. The strategies we put into play usually exacerbate negative emotions."

Dealing with our emotions is the first step in our treatment

Dealing with our emotions is the first step in our treatment

Following this tip, the expert suggests a simple exercise: "The next time you feel bad, stop for two seconds, recognize the emotion you feel (" there is sorrow, "" anger, "frustration …), take some deep breaths as you dedicate the words of encouragement, love, and thinking what's going on. That's the first step I feel better. "

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