Thursday , June 24 2021

In the new chapter of the Milk War: Watt wants to know who the owners are Colún

It all started a few years ago, 2014, when Wattin slipped something that did not fit the market share adjustments. Suspect in the state of his main competitor, Coluna, who had some advantages in his eyes because of his co-operative nature.

The struggle for the title that the best product escalated and the so-called milk war was liberated. Today, a new chapter has been written and Watts is now seeking to know who the power of Coluna is.

Through Transparency, the company behind Danone y Calo has requested an annual report on the spell of the Southern Cooperative and its financial statements to the Ministry of the Economy. However, the portfolio did not agree.

In a letter signed by Ximena Vial, head of the Legal Department of the Undersecretary of the Ministry, states that "the requested report contains a list of partners and their shares in the association, which, by computing the distribution of results, divides the result, withdrawal and paid interest on capital, to any partner, the disclosure of a part of the property of a natural person that makes it unfounded, the burden of exposing part of his property to social control, and not the public interest in knowing the names of natural persons and part of their heritage is clear. "

The reaction government was negative, but Watt did not sit and reacted by accusing this division of violations of the principle of transparency. According to Pulsou, the company said it was "unbelievably fair to argue with motives that oppose the transparency of the information that all the Chileans who fund the benefits of this cooperative should be aware of, freeing them from taxes."

"We face a case in which the intent is to hide the identity of 50 mighty families that represent only 7% of the largest cooperative in Chile and who take 50% of the profits without paying taxes," they pointed out. Sources of half Watta.

The company that sells oil, jams and frozen products ensures that they are not against cooperatives and support small farmers, "but we reject the use of some of them and their benefits and influence on free competition from the dairy sector."

After Watt's accusation, the government entity replied again and confirmed that it was waiting for the Transparency Council solution at the request of the company to be able to access the data. "The secretariat secretary is waiting for this response to follow the instructions given to this body by this body," he said in a public statement.

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