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IPhone sales collapsed to millions in 2019

Apple has profits with the iPhone, but it seems every time it sells smaller units. Maybe that's why it's more expensive.

It seems that apple You will have a very complicated 2019 to keep your business on the iPhone. First, the scandal explodes a spy bug in FaceTime; and now projections of their deliveries leave in the first period of the year. And they are terrible.

But first, this needs to be a little context. Since last year Apple decided to delete the data financial performance reports. Compared to the amount of units delivered (shipment) iPhone for sale.

So now his latest report. corresponds to the first quarter of 2019. it's just about money.

Apple Meme

Where did they have the iPhone? sales for $ 51,980. The number is lower than 61.100 USD for the same period of 2018.

Before he knew these results, Apple said he expected revenue from among $ 89,000 million and $ 93,000 million between all business lines.

But then she reduced her projections, citing the conditions of the Chinese market. And that fewer users than expected were migrating to the newer iPhone model.

Millions of iPhones less


  • 22 million units of the iPhone XR.
  • 14 million iPhone units XS Max.
  • 9 million units of iPhone XS.

With Strategy Analytics, the image is even worse. They estimate that Apple is shipping 65.9 million unit. 15% discount than last year.

There are many factors in the game that would upset Apple's sales. from the higher the price of the terminal, To customer satisfaction.

Given the little interest in brand emerging markets and sharp competition from Huawei and other cheaper manufacturers.

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