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Jean Beausejour: "I wanted to honor my Mapuche family" – Red

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The Chilean was chosen for her family name in her home-garden.

Jean Beausejour, a foreign Chilean national team, explained tonight for why he came out with his other name, Colliqueo, on the national team's shirt 4-1 win Honduras, in a friendly match at Germán Becker in Temucu.

After the final whistle, the player from the Universidad de Chile clarified that He went with his mother's name in sweater, and not particularly in honor of the deceased Mapuche members of the Camilo Catrillanca community.

"All deaths are important, I do not like incomprehensible expressions." (Homage) I've prepared him very much, mostly because I wanted to pay tribute to my grandfather and my Mapuche family. He was unlucky in this climate and, of course, grabbed another connotation. But in the beginning I wanted to dedicate my Mapuche family, "he said.

As for the minute informal silence that both elections were conducted at the ceremony in honor of Catrillanca, despite the refusal of ANFP to request Colo Colo, the parent from the Main Table pointed out that "the gesture we do is mostly a sign of peace rather than a sign of division, that is what we most want in choosing, it must be transversal, which unites Chileans. We are concerned that this conflict is over. All victims count, side and side, all have the same value. "

"We believe that selection is one of the few things that unites us (honors). It has to do with a call to think, to resolve conflicts, and there is justice and that those responsible have a sentence that is expected in those cases," he added.

To conclude, Beausejour stressed that "we want to give a message of reflection, which is from the members of the Catrillanca community in progress, with the social pressure that seems to me to be correct." I recently learned that Mayor (Mayol) resigned. I do not remember what kind of government did this in La Araucaníja, so I see half full aside instead of half empty. "

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