Saturday , September 18 2021

Josefina Montané is surprised by her memories of the Gervasio case

The actress interpreted "With the Shovel and Hat" for the music program "Sunday in Santiago".

She is a multi-artist artist. Apart from being an actress, model and influence, Josefina Montané, the one who is in charge of interpreting agate in "Blood Alliance"He also sings and has so recently shown great performances.

This weekend, Montané had an impact when he starred in the last episode of the music season "One Sunday in Santiago", where different national actors meet Talk about music and interpret your favorite songs.

Josefina chose to sing "With a shovel and a hat", One of the most famous songs of late singer and songwriter Gervasio.

Through your official Instagram account (@pin_montane), Pin, as they call this actress, revealed that she had chosen this theme as a way to thank her father for "that I have filled my life with music".

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