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Judge Madrid qualifies as a death case by Eduardo Frei Montalve and makes a decision after 19 years of investigation

Judge Alejandro Madrid in 2009 declared his investigation into the death of former President Eduardo Frei Montalvo's murder. Almost exactly ten years later, and after 19 years of investigation, the judge subsequently ratified – in the historical fact – the character of death: it was a crime.

At 811 pages of the verdict, Madrid points out the responsibility of third parties who would intervene in the period in which Frei Montalva was interned at the Santa María clinic after complications for a pause surgery at break. In that sense, his decision establishes that Frei Montalva was killed, according to the position his daughter Carmen had for years, claiming to be a magnifying case.

In a story published on the Justice website, it is stated that "a judge convicted a doctor of Patricia Silva Garina for an effective ten-year jail sentence at its minimum for his responsibility as a perpetrator of the crime of murder, under the terms of Article 391 para. 2 of the Criminal Code. Meanwhile, Luis Becerra Arancibia (personal driver of CNI president and mate) and Raúl Lillo Gutiérrez (CNI civilian agent) were sentenced to an effective seven-year prison sentence at a minimum as co-perpetrators of the same crime. "

The text adds that "Madrid minister condemned Pedra Valdivie Soto's physician to an effective five-year juvenile prison sentence to the greatest extent possible for his responsibility as a partner of the same facts and sociologist Helmar Rosenberg Gómez and Sergio González Bombardiere for three-year junior penalties in the middle rating as an accessory, a penalty that must be met by conditional referral.

By the way, the investigation revealed the role played by people of Frei Montale's close trust and placed in key positions in his iron circle.

Montego's death for decades has been the subject of suspicion. The presence of chemical agents in other cases related to the operation of military service intelligence caused that former president, in particular his daughter, former Senator Carmen Frei, from her own family asked to investigate whether the sudden deterioration of the leader was apparent since the routine operation also seemed to be heard the intervention of third parties.

Political role

Frei Montalva, the president between 1964 and 1970, and the icon of Christian democracy at the time of his death in January 1982, was the most visible face of opposition to the regime of Augusta Pinocchio.

At the time of his death, Frei Montalva came in 1980 to lead the opposition campaign for the first time to vote "no" in the plebiscite attempted to ratify the Constitution that created the regime and brought eight years of government to Augusto Pinochet. Of this campaign the most significant memory is "Caupolicanazo", a work in the historic theater in Santiago with the former president as the main speaker.

His role was not accidental. Despite being a true opponent of Salvador Allende, and so faced with collectives that made the Popular Unity, his upstanding position as one of the most prominent Chilean politicians of the twentieth century set him as a natural reference at a time when political collectives were also prescribed.

The role of the family

Frei's family has played a key role in this process, though there are differences between children on how to deal with the scenario, especially in the last few years.

For example, one of the most recent controversies occurred when Sebastian Piñer appointed Luisa Castilla as assistant secretary in August last year, as one of the questions Madrid investigated in its investigation into the episode in which it was found, made in 2000 is an unknown autopsy to the former president, whose documentation was at the Clinical Hospital of the Catholic University, headed by Castillo.

At that point, the family accused the physician – who was freed in the Madrid government – of hiding the report in his possession, which in turn provoked a DC blockade for any leadership in his assistant secretary. However, Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle has retained an important role as Ambassador Ambassador to the Asia-Pacific region and even backed government initiatives to which her sister Carmen posed a question.

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