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Junaeb explains the picture of almost "peeled" bread in a school breakfast and it has become virulent in national nets

The National Board for School Aid and Scholarships (Junaeb) explained the viralized image in social networks It caused controversy in Osorno.

This is a publication on Twitter where you can see a group of young people showing breakfast Minor parts of the egg. The fact that would happen within Liceo Comercial de Osorno.

Through the agency's statement, the agency explained that it was an image does not match the breakfast they deliver, but to the rest (surplus).

According to Junaeb's research, between April 8 and 12, the company is responsible for providing food delivered a larger amount of bread to the above fenced area.

For this reason, since the institution asked for food-handling distribute surpluses to students, after the delivery of the breakfast that suits the pupils of the feeding program at school (PAE).

On Friday, 12, according to the minutes, breakfast accompaniment was an egg, which would be delivered exactly to the determined part, but there was who received excess bread with the remains of the protein.

They stressed this from the body the photo would fit in those incorrect cases and not to what is provided to PAE students.

The full Junaeb statement is available as follows:

Public Declaration

Given the image circulating on social networks, where you can see the image of bread accompanied by part of the egg smaller than the one delivered as determined by the School Food Program, Junaeb reports that:

• Having determined that the photograph was taken at Liceo Comercial in the city of Osorno, Junaeb instantly advised the investigative protocols to be triggered to clarify the facts.

• In the investigation, it was concluded that between April 8 and 12, a company supplying the School Food Program (PAE) in Osorno for reasons unrelated to Junaeb delivered a larger amount of bread for which it was supposed to be deployed at the aforementioned school number of PAE users.

• We have been informed that, as our initiative, the staff of the facility asked the food handlers who hired the company's supplier to allocate excess bread to the students who were there.

• On the menu on Friday, 12th, an egg-base accompaniment was considered, which was properly delivered in accordance with the amounts set for the award of this breakfast establishment.

• Exceptionally, we are told that there are those who have received excess breads for individual motivation and the rest of the egg preparation in that bread. The distribution of images on social networks corresponds to those irregular cases, not the parts that PAE users receive.

• Junaeb, through its school feeding program and regional guidelines, continually monitors thousands of facilities that deliver nearly four million meals a day to ensure that the food provided meets all standards established in Quality, Quantity and Non-Harmful Substance.

• Expressing regret for the confusion that this image could create in public opinion, representatives of and representatives of PAE from Junaeb confirm our commitment to the care and well-being of Chilean students.

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