Thursday , May 6 2021

La Gazzetta dello Sport falls in love with Chile Sierraltu in Parma: "It's a tower"

The storm of praise received Francisco Sierra in the Italian press after adding 90 minutes in the unsuccessful draw for Parma and Torino for Serie A. The Chilean personal result in Spanish Alex Berenguer was the best aspect of the former Palestinian UC.

"Sierralta is a tower," La Gazzetta dello Sport assured former Captain Roja Sub 20 and considered him the wheel of the team; while the TMW portal pointed out that the "colossal Siberia" was prominent.

And in ParmaLive and TMW Chilean got the best result of his team (6.5) by sharing the other defenses, the day of resistance, and where the point was very important for maintaining durability in the category.

Coach Roberto D'Avers placed Sierralta as the right-of-way defense player. "Sierralta has given a great response to the Berenguer brand and in particular demonstrating its skill in the air defense game, which is fundamental to defense at the end of the game," TMW emphasized.

Finally, the same media emphasize that despite the two injuries suffered by the Chilean during the season, "he did not give up, learned from his teammates in training and played for the first time for 90 minutes."

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