Sunday , May 16 2021

La Rancherit is a new challenge he hopes to fulfill his maternal dream: to succeed in Mexico TV and shows

Mexico, by all means, is a key land for many national singers, because as Mon Laferte did, it is now La Rancherita who wants to succeed in foreign countries.

The promise he made to his mother before his death, which is being carried out after his arrival at La Voz Mexico.

According to La Cuarti, Ricardo Montaner is coach of Karoline Moline in the program, since he chose him after the jury chose him after he was blinded by his chanting.

Karolina did not expect her to be in the program because she was her friend who sent her videos and was selected. Then she had to go to perform, singing the song of Cristina Aguilera.

In that time Belinda, Yahir, Lupillo Rivera and Ricardo Montaner they turned around and had to choose, deciding on Montaner because he felt that he was adjusting to his desire to "make" Latin rhythms.

& # 39; The Rancher & # 39; commented that she was very nervous in casting because the song she played in English was afraid she would forget the verses, but that did not happen and she was on her way to world glory.

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