Sunday , May 16 2021

League of Legends: Riot Games is accused of violating the privacy of its users technology

In the confessional community, a great scandal was formed League of Legends when the Reddit user reported that, after finding a security breach in the system, they are playing access to searches and interactions in user browsers.

Anti-piracy and third-party development programs that can affect gaming experience are a constant war for developers who are required to protect users of these negative practices with more interesting and special methods.

According to the user's report, he noticed this method when he opened the card in the search browser Cheat Enginea program that allows a user to change real-time variables on any executable software at the same time as using video games.

After playback for a few seconds, the system reports a bug indicating that third-party programs are being used so that the app will be closed so that it does not affect the experience of other users.

Capture YouTube
Capture YouTube

The controversy is justified by the fact that Games riot does not advertise in the user agreement or the anti-piracy rules to use the browser's recognition and reading to avoid the use of such programs, thereby violating the contractual arrangements and the privacy of the player.

However, in a privacy contract, the company highlights the way it collects information to avoid the bad practices of some users and re-enters the supervisory control in Point 7 of the Terms of Use.

So far, the company has not mentioned the topic, while in the community comments are shared by those who believe they see a violation of their privacy and those who have explained that the company is doing this action for about 2013.

Check the video on which the Reddit user displays the error report (in English and without subtitles).

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