Tuesday , May 18 2021

Life is beginning to laugh: the new professional challenge of Mauricia Pinille as a teacher present

That was a tough year for Mauricio Pinilla in terms of what his professional career was. Out of work and after leaving the Chilean university, the image so far was not particularly favorable.

But everything is changing because it will be the protagonist of the new audiovisual project yooyo.

According to La Cuarti, this is a digital platform for an athlete will dictate football clinics, showing the different strategies used in the practice of this sport.

Mauricio told his followers how happy he is for this project, and the photo on Instagram has been published with the following message: "I am very happy and motivated because the project that I have been doing for some time will soon be able to see clearly with the world's most beautiful sport.

Daniel Santana, head of the Social Media Initiative, commented it users can access platforms through a plan, similar to how Netflix worksHe also said the website will be launched on January 2 and will be available to people to enjoy, consume, entertain and learn.

but not only Pinilla will be on the platform, will also celebrate other celebrities like Dani Palavecino with a web series 100 days without itwhile Dr. Ricardo Soto will teach Conscious medicine and Jhendelyn Núñez will have space dedicated to the world of fitness.

Please check the player's announcement here:

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