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Look for a poster Time for a play at Forttia – Challenge Show Time

Look for the poster time This is one of the challenges of a new event that has just started in the 9th week of the 7th Fortnight. This is the Hora de espect√°culo event, which will culminate on Saturday with the "live" performance Marshmella at Parque Placenterou (which will last about 10 minutes with electronic music).

The first of these challenges requires knowledge where is the Hour Show poster at Fortnite, something we will tell you in this guide, although we warn you that there are more than one, and we will update by adding the location of everything we find …

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Look for a poster for a play at Fortune to complete the challenge of the event

The challenge just looks for Find poster show time in Fortnite, although there is more on the island. When you locate it, you just need to access and interact with it (the "search" and the key you have to press depending on the game version) and … overcome the challenge.

The two we found are the following. The first is in the Placentero Park, roughly in the middle of the zone, in the east, at the gas station. Here we will show you a page on the map

Where to find poster poster of the exhibition of a strong pleasant park

And here's the point, so that you can find it easier,

where is the Hour Show poster at Fortnite

The other one is in Latifundio Lettal, again, roughly in the middle of the area, to the east, in a large barn. We mark it on the map:

Where to find a strong sign to show the time

And here below, the exact area within the game.

where is the Hour Show poster at Fortnite

And this is the award for its completion:

look for poster Time to view at Fortnite Awards

Now you know how to complete the posters search Time to view in Fortimme, the challenge of a new event Time of the play. If you need more help for season 7, here you can see how to win more XP and increase the speed up to 7 tips and tricks to take advantage of all 7th season news, discover 50 tricks to help you win games, the best weapon 7. season (updated by January 2019) or the best creative mode (and access codes).

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