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Lotus today raises most of the pit in its history

Lotus lotteryhis Thursday the greatest source in its history: 860 million in the main game and more than 10 billion in the total number of draws.

The number continues to break records, It is the first time that a national play of luck has an 11-digit cumulative source, as confirmed by Loto's product manager, Cristóbal Padruno.

"Now we are in. T accumulation 41"said the executive director, adding that the company expects" to be more than three and a half million bets", this projection is made with the previous results: to withdraw on Tuesday, Lotto has recorded more than 2,800 million bets.

"At the end of yesterday we already had a million and 100,000 bets," he said.

During this day, the locals are back with long lines of people dreaming about winning the historic drama.

This should be borne in mind only 2 percent of the total borehole is rejected by the agency that sells the winning ticket, which would mean 167,200 million pcs for that location and 8,192,800 pips in the event of a winner.

However, if the draw is returned without a winner, the pool collected for Sunday would be 11 billion pounds.

Some of the purchases that could be made with the drawn lotus today they are Mercedes Maybach of eight million dollars; 27 apartments of approximately 390 m2 with four bedrooms and four bathrooms in Lo Barneche; or 310 tickets for a continental cruise trip that includes Miami, Uruguay, Colombia, Jamaica, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, the United States and the Falkland Islands and Chile.

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