Tuesday , May 18 2021

Marriage of Huaso Isle and Gala Caldirole in the style of a thousand and one nights

Gala Caldirola received in 2019 with great joy: Mauricio Isla proposed marriage, and she said yes!

The good news, which met all those who were close to the steam, published the Spanish model on her Instagram account, where she wrote: "2018 will be an unforgettable year for coming to the world of Luz. This year I learned what it means unconditional love and that the greatest gift that life can give you is to have that feeling! "Then added the expression that surprised everyone:" In the past 2018 I decided to give you my life! And in this 2019 my eternal love you decided to me ask if I want to spend your rest with you !! … ..I want to marry you with you !!!! "

"It was a great surprise," says Suro Solar, a close friend and culprit for the couple to meet: "I met them, so I can not be happier, I love when I met him with love for the life and father of your children.

And it seems that Suro is one of those relationships; for the same, but warns that he wants to be a godfather. "If I'm not a crap, I'll be angry, I'll let him pass it is not a bunker bus, hahaha, so I'll wait for the call," half the size, half seriously.

According to the intimacy of this money, everything was conceived as a huge surprise. "Mauricio always organizes entertainment in advance and this year he did not tell Gala what it was," he says of the previous one.

The New Year's Eve was 12 years and the first thing that came to her was a marriage request, which Gala surprised. He called me there to tell me and then they went to celebrate at Centro Parque. Gala could not overcome happiness, it is very happy – she adds.

The parties ended and therefore Mauricio had to return to Turkey while Gala was still in Chile. He can not find time to get back to his partner, to start planning this marriage.

"Make a new adventure and have to plan everything, only it is clear that it will be in Chile. Friends Mauri and Gala are mostly in Chile, and Gala will have to come from Spain to Chile, "explains Suro.

There is no date or place to marry, though everything should be in the second semester, when the sound of Huana and Gala is heard.

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