Saturday , June 19 2021

Most HIV patients in Vietnam have health insurance

Hanoi, (VNA) 89 percent
HIV patients in Vietnam have health insurance, which shows a significant leap in the care system
health and government efforts to improve the conditions of these
people and to fight against this evil, here was reported by the head of the Department
National HIV / AIDS Prevention, Nguyen Hoang Long.

Photo Illustration (Source: VNA)

By attending a workshop organized yesterday by the HIV / AIDS Prevention and Control Department
The Ministry of Health, in co-operation with international organizations, Hoang Long reported that Vietnam's Prevention
encouraging results, which shows a steady decline in people's rates
infected with the virus in the last decade.

In this regard, he stressed that efforts were made
local authorities helped prevent 400,000 people from becoming infected and the deaths of another 150,000 people due to illness.

However, Vietnam is facing many
the difficulties in this paper, especially the high possibility of viral infection
causes of AIDS and lack of financial resources to acquire
of antiretroviral drugs (ARV).

In recent years, he said, the Ministry
of Health has adopted several measures aimed at
increase public awareness of health insurance cards for
ARV treatment, in routing
localities to improve their healthcare standards and thus expand
coverage of health insurance for virus carriers.

It's also
he paid attention to the signing of the ARV drug procurement contract;
matters relating to the reception, management and use of medicine; and
management of patients with a virus receiving medicines.

Hoang Long emphasized that Portfolio coordinates with Vatican Social Security
to build a database on patients who receive HIV / AIDS
ARV treatment.

In return, head of the Office
the World Health Organization representative in Vietnam, Kidong Park, expressed its impression
before Hanoia 's achievements in the fight against HIV / AIDS, especially in
pregnancy care and patient care.

The park believed Vietnam had
good opportunities to strengthen the development of virus program,
in order to meet the national goals related to the elimination of AIDS
for 2030.

He suggested that the indoctonic earth be firm
the use of health insurance to prevent disruption of distribution
ARV and guarantees all patients access to these medications, as well
to provide financial assistance from the state and provincial budgets to help you
to poor people.

currently registers 209,000 HIV patients,
of which 90,000 are already ill due to virus-related damage in the system

Last year
There were 9,800 new cases reported and 1,800 died of it
an incurable disease to this day. These figures represent a drop of 1.1
and 15 percent, compared with 2016.

During this year
The Ministry of Health continued to work on controlling rates
HIV / AIDS infection below 0.3 percent, with a view towards the
target 90-90-90 in 2020.

Gore states that 90 percent of people
Living with HIV knows its serostatus, with 90 percent
diagnosis of HIV infection is given by continuous antiretroviral therapy and
90 percent of the latter has depression

The Sector will also promote targeted actions
prevention of this disease as well as consultations and tests at all
localities, especially in remote areas. -VNA

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