Sunday , May 16 2021

Mother told her how she reacted when her 14-year-old son said he was gay and was filled with applause society

Spain's mother delighted with dozens of tweens sharing a gentle message of support to your homosexual child.

Carmen Catalana used her Twitter account to initially say "Today my son is 14 years old, He confessed to me that it was GAY, he loves boys, something I imagined. "

Then the woman added:From now on, the photo of her profile will be this mark (homosexual), I support you and I admire your courage to say it openly. Proud of Him. "

The wonderful gesture of this mother created hundreds and hundreds of comments, in which many young homosexuals thanked him for the release and that many of them "embraced" as one of the few people who do not reject the rest because of their sexual condition.

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