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"My God, clear and then pass in the other area": ​​the remarkable goal of Barça with Vidal de crack football

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A play that moves around the world. Barcelona hit Wednesday against Seville – probably – one of the best goals of recent weeks.

All in the extraordinary collective move that ultimately condemned Argentine Lionel Messi to celebrate 6-1 and make a decision to return against a rivals who won the first match of 2 to 0 in Copa del Rey.

Of course, no applause went to the "buva" # 39. Actually, a Chilean flyer Arturo Vidal also highlighted the blaugran fans because of their important participation in both.

In fact, the action begins with San Joaquin native after clear with your heador dangerous center of the Catalan area.

After the card, the ball was loose and Sergi Roberto sent his head to the young Aleni, who advanced several yards to give Messiah.

Rosario controlled the ball and saw Vidal speeding up the other side, travels about 50 meters for a few seconds, so he made a change of front that the native of San Joaquin would not be lost.

The formed Colo Colo has sustained a second, lifted his head and enabled Luisu Suarez, Uruguay put together a wall with Piqué, then touched Jordi Albu, who stood on the ball before the Messi definition for something spectacular.

"My God! Arturo Vidal cleans his head and ends in the sixth game giving way to another area. I love him, "celebrated Barce fans in social networks.

"It was little to say that Arturo Vidal cleared the ball in his own penalty spot and came to another area to receive Messi's pass and first assisted Suarez," he said.

And that was not the only thing. Another follower of Barcelona emphasized that "some despise what @ kingarturo23 contributes to the fruits of mania so that today everything polarizes, mannish." Arthur or Arturo? Two, with the team playing.

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