Monday , May 17 2021

New Year's Kabbalah: NOT to work towards the Chinese tradition

We've already told you about 20 cabalies to get the New Year 2018 and get lucky. But in Chinese culture, they apply an inverse formula and have a number of tips to not scare wealth in the year that begins, according to Infobae.

This is a list of what needs to be done in the New Year, according to the Chinese tradition:

1. Do not fight

Avoiding quarrels or disagreements keeps the solemn spirit.

2. Do not Correct or Corrupt

Avoid penalties and corrections for children to have a year without any arguments.

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3. Do not use scissors or knives

They represent hatred, danger, and people who will be cut off from the lives of those who use these elements. Chinese tradition recommends that you do not cook that day, and if you have to do it, it is better day before and consume that food in the New Year.

4. Do not break the dishes

It is a pity that a plate, cup, or any utensil will break into pieces. This leads to a shortage of money throughout the year. If this happens, you need to collect all but all parts and keep them together in the container.

5. Do not remove garbage or clean

Cleaning or pulling a trash bag in the New Year is countered by the prosperity and happiness of the home.

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6. Do not sleep

This will avoid fatigue and laziness during the year.

7. Do not wash your hair

This is a way to keep happiness.

8. Do not wear white or black

In Chinese culture, both are related to death (this is the opposite of what we usually do in Latin America, where white in the New Year promises to defend the disease).

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9. Do not eat meat or cereals

New Year's deities are vegetarians and will be upset if the diet is not. In addition, grains, basic foods of lower class of oriental, bear prejudices about the lack of well-being.

10. Do not give up things related to 4.

Be in number or contain it. In Chinese tradition, number four sounds the same as "death."

11. Do not name who is on the first day of the year

This will create over-dependence over the course of twelve months.

Avoid taking unnecessary medicines

If that is not necessary, it attracts weakness and illness.

13. Do not wash clothes

It is considered the birthday of God the Water and it will bother you.

14. Do not lose things

You have to avoid losing things and not looking for them. They symbolize the loss of money throughout the year.

15. Do not shave or cut your nails

Cutting brings pain in the relationship of a person who sings himself.

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