Sunday , March 7 2021

news Big people with a higher cancer risk towards the study

According to a study at the University of California (United States), high people are at a higher risk of developing cancer because they have multiple disease spreading stations.

The researchers analyzed the population on three continents and found that the risk of getting cancer in men and women was 10% higher for every 10 cm in height. Cancer develops when normal cell control stops working, paving the way for cancer cells to develop that manifest themselves as tumors.

Research suggests that the risk of developing different types of cancer is more likely to occur in high humans simply because they have more cells and therefore more likely to become cancerous. "This means that this additional risk can not be reduced," said Leonard Nunney of the University of California Riverside, author of the study.

In the past, other researchers have already tried to link the fact that high people have a higher risk of cancer. But Nunney's population study in the United States, Europe and South Korea seeks to show that this is probably the case because they have more cells where something can happen.

Specifically, higher levels of people have a greater risk of developing melanoma because they have a higher cellular ratio and simply more skin than people with an average height. However, the risk of stomach, buccal or cervical cancer in women seems to be not related to height, with information from El Esquiu.

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