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Nicolás López will testify on 22 November for allegations of sexual assault, power and harassment – Gifts and culture

© Agency One Nicolas López will testify on charges of sexual assault, power and harassment on November 22

Meanwhile, his former partner, producer Sobras and husband Paz Bascuñana, Miguel Asensio, condemned two actresses accusing him of acts similar to what López did. Tvn


Chilean director, Nicolás López. must declare the following November 22 before justice over charges against him for sexual abuse, power and disturbance, This was after the group of actors testified about the questionable behavior of the director of "What a shame your life", among other films.

Information provided the third adds that López exsocio in the Sobras production company, Miguel Asensio, filed a lawsuit against the public prosecutor on 3 October for a defamatory lawsuit against the actress Lucy Cominetti and Andrea Velasco.

It should be borne in mind that both women included Asensio, wife of actress Paz Bascuñán, in charges against López.

In the case of Cominetti, she said the producer called for casting to prevent him from condemning Lopez's alleged behavior. However, Asensio says he contacted the actress before claiming that she had been offered her a role in Make Man's film and she accepted it.

However, the director opted for another actress for the film.

As for Velasca, he denied his accusations of sexist practices and that women were less paid.

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