Tuesday , May 18 2021

Nine Simple Purposes to Improve Health in 2019 Diary Cuyo

The start of the New Year is ideal for implementing change and setting the goal. In terms of health and quality of life, a good option is to adopt new habits a little bit, introducing gradual changes that are easier to maintain.

Because of that, here are them some small changes you can try to adopt little by little:

1. Move a bit more

If you see yourself as you like and prepare a marathon, just go ahead! But if you think such an ambitious goal is too much for you, do not be overwhelmed. Start by going to the last floor by walking instead of the elevator, or either from a station before a subway or bus to complete your on foot trip.

Physical activity is part of a healthy life, but it does not have to be an intense activity, and above all, you should not start directly with hard physical activity if your previous exercise level was zero or almost zero. Any increase, no matter how small, will have a positive effect on your health, So look for small goals that are viable over time and your health will thank you.

2. Learn a recipe monthly

One way to improve what we eat is to do it ourselves, but we must recognize that they do not have all the knowledge, time or desire to enter the kitchen. I hope these people have another fence that enjoys cooking, but the unequal distribution of housework is also not a good solution.

So, the purpose of the New Year can be to learn and practice a new recipe every month. Everyone can face this challenge, no matter how few culinary skills there are, and this can encourage us to cook more. If we improve our repertoire, we can cook for families and friends and return service to those who otherwise care for that task.

3. Try with new fruit and vegetables

It can be part of the cooking purpose or you can do it separately. How many products do you have in the greenery you have never tried? Surely more than one, either because of its exotic appearance, because you are unhappy with it or simply because you are not too adventurous when it comes to vegetables. Well, it's time to launch. Ask the green drinkers about these products you've never tried and maybe give you some tips on how to use them. Cheer yourself with seasonal products.

4. Use sunscreen everyday

Sun rays are needed for a healthy life because they help us reach the level of vitamin D that we need to be healthy, but in overdose, they are responsible for many skin damage that can lead to skin cancer. So it is a good way to take care of yourself with a sunscreen cream every day, even on days that look blurry or in times that do not respond to much sun exposure, because even at those times, the skin can suffer the damage your sunscreen can avoid .

5. Take a break every day to relax

Stress is another major enemy of health, associated with eating disorders, heart problems, and mental illnesses. Our daily work does not always ease the struggle against stress, but there are some things we can do to reduce it. One of them is Spend a little time every day to relax, ideally before bedtime. It can be with breathing exercises, warm shower, exercises like yoga or simply reading the book you enjoy. Anyway, find a way to spend some time with you.

6. Improve your sleep habits

By linking directly to the previous point, improving sleep habits can be an effective way to take care of yourself this new year. Most of us do not sleep as much as we should, and many, moreover, do not sleep well at all. Create a routine that will help you to be asleep, as always in bed at the same time, Take the TV out of the room or do not look at the white lights or make abundant meals or exercise before going to bed. Let your bedroom be calm and warm, not too hot. A warm shower can help you relax right before bedtime.

7. Look for alternative alcohol

Alcohol is bad for your health, even in moderate amounts. So one of the ways to take care of yourself would be to eliminate alcohol consumption by 2019 or at least reduce it. so Look for alternatives for those moments we normally meet with alcoholic beverages. Tea and infusions, sparkling water, coffee, non-alcoholic cocktails are good options.

8. Quit smoking

All right, this may not be a small change, but big. But if you still smoke, consider that this is 2019 maybe a time to leave it. Smoking is associated with increased risk of lung, heart, cerebrovascular, skin, metabolic and mental illness. The effect of tobacco is straightforward and straightforward, no matter how small you smoke, but fortunately the beneficial effect of quenching is the same immediately.

Also, consider that the benefits of smoking cessation are not just your health: they are also left to those around you who will cease to be passive smokers with you and also over your pocket (smoking is all the more expensive) because of your looks (skin and tooth pain) and the more impression they cause to others (the smell that leaves the tobacco is very uncomfortable for non-smokers).

9. Reduce ultra-processed food

In 2019, you reduce the consumption of ultra-processed foods, the ones you are buying already prepared and in which you can not distinguish the original ingredients. Many people are concerned about these foods with nutritional additives but this is not really a major problem, but usually carry large amounts of sugar, refined flour, salt, or questionable quality fat. This contributes to the imbalance of our metabolism and contributes to the risk of obesity and overweight.

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