Sunday , May 9 2021

On February 20th, Samsung will also present its folding mobile phone

South Korea has already confirmed this in CES in 2019 and is now setting a specific date. Samsung will launch its first mobile phone on February 20th this year.

This is the most striking The same day we will see the new Galaxy S10, so it will orient you to be a tough day.

In other words, what we talked about yesterday as a possible two-blade swing is now a strategic move as a risky Samsung.

Samsung and his songs

now, And how do we know the presentation will be February 20? Because it does the company puts some placings as traces in Place de la Concorde from Paris.

These are messages in Korean, but when translated, the phrases "the future is developing" and "February 20" are given., Attached Images in this post, as well as the one who leads the article, answer it.

And these are not just dedicated to promoting this event. They also make a reminder of the last 10 years of innovations that have demonstrated and inspired the organization on the market

The statement issued by the company states the following:

Samsung celebrates a decade of innovations that change the game with a host of stunning posters honoring Korean originality and providing an exciting future for the Galaxy line.

Soon for more than a month we will be able to know many new Samsung suggestions regarding mobile devices. If they wanted to be the center of attraction before MWC19, they seem to get it because they come with everything.

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