Tuesday , June 15 2021

One Step From World Cup 2019: Argentina has won Panama with two goals and qualifying

Credit: AFA

There are girls in the lawn, looking everywhere around the Arsenal stadium. In their heads flying over the difficulties that have come to this stage, the 2019 World Championships play in France, and this serves as an incentive, they do not want to miss the opportunity. Hugging, jumping, screaming, taking the Olympic wing and spurring the dream of fulfilling a dream just referring to María Belén Potas and coach Carlos Borello have the reference, the China Cup of 2007, the second and the last to contradict Argentina's women's soccer match. It is now on the door of another classification, a match to score after 4-0 against Panama in the first stage, with two goals Eliane Stábile, one Mariane Larroquette, and another Yamila Rodríguez.

The goal of Larroquette

They missed the lack of international competition in the period from July 2015 to August 2017, 774 days without a trainer and a pay for equality with the men who became men converted into a strike. They look in the mirror of Las Leonas, a women's hockey team who has gained respect around the world. They fantasize about following these steps, with much to go but feel closer after they have faced the tour with the FIFA date, found the necessary training conditions and come to this meeting "with more mental and technical preparation than in Copa Américi ", commented Estefanía Banini, captain, who just joined Levante from Spain. This third place at the Chile Open last April opened this small window against the Panamanians, who finished fourth at the Concacaf Championship held in the United States last month.

Borello, 63, was in charge of the group from 2003 to 2012. After the crisis, he returned to the role of a revivalist, with support and planning. This time he had to make an ideal strategy for the game, which will be defined in detail, according to the findings of the main Argentine judges, and where he was intimidated by Yenith Bailey, a 17-year-old Golden Glove in the final competition played. He could not do anything. The resistance of its companions was a small and high efficiency of space.

Great goal of Stábilea

Larroquette opened the score at 21m in the first half, when the right-hand ring on the right was crossed by captain Natalia Mills and placed his left hand almost from the penalty spot. Six minutes later, No. 1 did not expect the conflict that occurred at the exit from that area of ​​the Stábile rocket to fall behind the goalkeeper, hitting the bottom of the rails before landing on the net. The second two came in the second half, at the time of injury, while Rodriguez settled below the port and headed for Messi Banini, who after crossing three opponents, crashed into the corner, then Stábile scored a penalty in the sixth minute added.

There was another maximum punishment when they were just nine minutes from the start, but Bailey's left pillar rejected twice. For the snapshot of Banini and later Larroquette auction, which played "as if he would not play a remake" and left the fan 7 minutes from the end. So he lived in Buenos Aires, adding effort to his technique, against the team that bet on the counterattack and the speed of his goals.

Yamila Rodríguez won third place

In two weeks, the Julio Humberto Grondon Stadium suffered a sudden metamorphosis. He went from the classic between Rosario Central and Newell's Argentine Cup behind closed doors to the joy that generated the game between the national women's team and his Panamanian counterpart, with tickets that were offered for free and sold out in less than 24 hours . The same place, the same sport, different sex, the other world. So much so that the Panamanian fan waved the entire flag and sparked in the middle of silver filled with the Argentines, with the naturalness that can happen in any civilized country.

Penalty kick, final 4-0

The Word of the World has never been so close to becoming reality. He will have to close it next Tuesday when a remake plays at Rommel Fernández in Panama City. It will be 90 minutes to go with such a difference, and the unsurpassed fence gives Argentinian unbeaten opportunities in this, on the one hand, that in the case of joint wins, defines the difference in goals, plus the plus if you win as a visitor.

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