Friday , April 23 2021

Paloma Mami debuts at the big stages: joins La Cumbre 2019

"I want to start singing soon," Paloma Mami said before Publimetro, and this is fulfilled. The new exponent of traps and phenomena with his song Not Steady has been featured in some discotheques in Santiago and nearby cities for the last few weeks but will be debuted at the major stages of La Cumbre 2019, where it has already been confirmed.

The event will take place on January 12 at the Hípico club and Paloma Mami will share the account with other major female music exponents such as Ana Tijoux, Francis Valenzuela, Javier Mena, Denise Rosenthal, Javier and Los Imposibles and Saiko.

It is worth noting that the song "Not Forever" is released on its own, in 5 months it already exceeds 11 million listeners at Spotify (more than 1,300,000 listeners per month), the clip exceeded 10 million on YouTube and Instagram singer and over 500,000 followers. Paloma Mami announced that there will soon be a new song that many fans are expecting and who have already made progress in Publimetra.

"The next thing is coming soon and will leave all the chascones ? Los amooo?," he said in his social network.

Other artists who will be part of La Cumbre are exponents of Chilean traps, DrefQuila, and classics such as Los Tres, Congreso, Chancho en Piedra, Buddy Richard, Los Vásquez and Santaferia. Tickets are sold through the system.

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