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Paloma San Basilio: Placido Domingo has always been a gentleman with me

A singer Paloma San Basilio said Placido is Domingo, with whom he recorded "Finally Together" and collaborated on other albums, fHe was always a "gentleman" with her.

Singer (Madrid, 1950) regrets "to a great extent" in the statement "because of comments published in the press about Mr Plácido Domingo", accused by several women who worked with him of sexual harassment in the 1980s.

"I can only confirm that Mr. Domingo has always been a gentleman with me, a great companion and a generous artist, of those who do not abound and with whom I have had the privilege of sharing the stage.", points to San Basilio in response to "numerous calls received" to comment on the matter.

As a testimony to this, he adds, "there is a television specialty that many might enjoy and that clearly shows their camaraderie, dedication, respect and talent."

Nine women – eight singers and dancers – said Domingo exposed them to sexual harassment, according to testimony collected in an AP report, before Tenor replied that he "always" believed that all his "interactions and relationships" with women were "welcoming and consensual."

The San Francisco Opera joined the Philadelphia Orchestra yesterday and canceled a concert he planned to hold at that coliseum.

The Angels Opera, which has been running the tenor since 2003, has opened an investigation into harassment testimony.

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