Sunday , March 7 2021

"Pancho" Saavedra raises his voice and defends the old sacrifice of laughter at the Unimarca branch

A sad situation was reported this week after the older man suffered from teasing from the Unimarco supermarket staff at Los Alamos, Coquimbo.

A patient suffering from prostate problems refused to use the bathroom facility, a fact that was recorded in a video that was already viral.

"I went into this supermarket because I was supposed to swim. I even bought something sooner and then I went to the customer service because the bathroom was closed. The young lady who cared about me was in charge of the keys and told me that he did not have it, then he turned to me, and he was very embarrassed after they started teasing, "he said in a conversation with Chilevisión.

Amongst everyone who caused this fact, the "Talking Places" manager, Francisco "Pancho" Saavedra, has come up with steps through his Twitter account to ask for explanations from the companies.

"I will never agree with abusing older adults, so I asked for explanations in @Unimarc and apologized to the affected person, except to take drastic measures with those who committed that ignorance." Nobody in @unimar agrees with what happened, "wrote channel worker 13, who is also the official head of the supermarket chain.

Because of the pressure, Unimarc has decided to remove officials involved in the unfortunate situation.

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