Thursday , May 6 2021

Parliamentarians of the UDI try to change the alusion on September 11, 1973, in the party principles

Reconstruction in Principles of an Independent Democratic Union this is what the proposal was presented in the commission authorized by the community president to seek, Jacqueline van Rysselberghe.

According to El Mercur reports, the document had a good reception among several leaders and aims to change referral to a coup d'état September 11, 1973 in the chapter on the historical context included in the text written in 1983 by Jaime Guzmán.

Specifically, the current declaration highlights this date "The liberating action (…) that saved the country from the immediate threat of irreversible totalitarianism and foreign domination."

In the proposal this changes to: "The Marxist went, shedding hatred among the Chileans and legitimizing that resource "All forms of struggle" came to the country to the most severe crisis of its independent history (…) The 1974 military intervention was the result of that crisis.

Also, in the document to eliminate "Marxism" as a threat, replacing it with criticism "The threat to populism"At the same time, in the challenges of the party, overcoming poverty would change "by taking the wishes and care of the middle class".

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The ruling party, Jacqueline van Rysselberghe, appreciated the proposal: "UDI is proud of its history, has clear principles and includes issues that were not present."

This proposal political commission and the UDI General Council. According to what El Mercurio, Javier Macaya and María José Hoffman noted, the party's secretary-general, Issa Kort, and Senators Iván Moreira and Juan Antonio Coloma supported the document.

On the contrary, Jaime Bellolio was not inclined to suggest and even plans to give up the game. "Better late than ever," he said.

In addition, she asked the president of the community to act accordingly: "The evidence he has given in the past few months, compared to Evom Perón and the encounter with Jay Bolsonar, are contradicted by the desire to fight those populations."

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