Sunday , May 9 2021

Pokémon GO can add a Mewtwo video game armor

Pokémon it might be surprising Pokemon Idi in the near future. Earlier this week, the famous Chrones & # 39; reported that it is the latest version Pokemon Idi contains a code for "Mewtwo_A". Many experts from the series they speculate that it is a reference Armor Mewtwo, a new form of Mewtwo that can be added as part Pokemon Sword and shield There were no other information available for Armored Mewtwo except to have some kind of special introduction to the game.

Although rumors suggest that the Mewtwo armored form could be a Pokemon Sword & Shield feature, this new Mewtwo could also be a link for the next Pokémon movie: Mewtwo backs up EVOLUTION. The new movie, which will be released in Japan, is a new version of CGI from the first Pokémon movie, which also briefly introduced Mewtwo in the skull when it was controlled by Team Rocket.

If you add armored Mewtwo Pokemon Go, we could see it in June. The new Pokémon seems to be the perfect culmination of the upcoming live events at Pokemon Go Fest, which will be held during the summer. We will have to see if Armoured Mewtwo is just a new link for the movie (something Pokemon Go did before) or if it's a joke for a greater Pokemon franchise addiction, similar to Pokemon Go's dodgy addition to the Meltan months ago launching Pokemon games: Let's go.

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