Thursday , May 6 2021

Powerful transition between Valdivia and Cana

Coquimbo Unidad and the "Magician" said everything in Sánchez Rumorosou. Coleman Colo Colo was upset after Argentinac dominated the ball in the area where the "pirates" beat 2-0.

United Coquimbo it was far superior to that Colo Colo and beat him 2-0 at Estadio Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso for the seventh round of the National Tournament.

Good in the second half, Jorge Valdivia and Matías Cano They made a great transition and they said everything. The "wizard" was angry after Argentinac dominated the ball in the field just minutes after the "pirates" scored another result Mauricio Pinilla.

The America's Champions in 2015 asked questions about the goal after the match ended: "Nothing has happened to Cano, that's it, today it was he" confirmed Valdivia.

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