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"Pregnant and Drinking Alcohol?": Perl's Perks Shot in "La Divina Comida" Fun & Emissions

This Saturday Chilevisión broadcasts a new episode Divine foodwhere four celebrities from different areas struggle to prepare the best dishes and thus become the best hosts.

On this occasion, the comedian Mauricio Flores, former footballer Rafael Olarra, actress Camila Nash and Gypsy Perla Ilich performed.

Four had to evaluate and evaluate their preparations to become the winners of the Sabbath space. And as usual, the evening, besides the kitchen, she also served to get acquainted with the more intimate details of the participants.

The first host of the day was Perla, who prepared his guests for traditional gypsy preparations and scored 18 points.

The popular gypsy told an episode in which he was about to commit suicide, and was then accused of causing a break between his current partner Nina and his wife.

In addition, he recalled his friend Cangria, who died a few months ago at the Bolivian Chilean border and dedicated the emotional words.

However, there was another detail that attracted the attention of viewers on social networks. Some have realized that Gypsy drinks alcohol, which has caused some doubts and criticisms on social networksbecause Perla is four months pregnant, as she told her guests.

Although there were those who thought it was bad, there were those who did not dramatize this factsaying that it is not in wine that is in his cup, but that it is a drink.

Is it harmful to drink alcohol during pregnancy?

pregnant women they are advised not to drink alcohol, as this could harm the unborn child, Consuming alcohol in this condition can lead to long-term health problems and congenital anomalies, says a specialist site Medline Plus.

When a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, she travels through the bloodstream and reaches the blood, tissues and organs of the baby. this one, it can even cause the baby's life-threatening damage.

Drinking lots of alcohol during pregnancy can lead to a group of defects in a child known as a fetal alcohol syndrome. Symptoms may include, they may be behavioral problems and attention; cardiac anomalies; facial shape changes; learning problems and poor growth before and after delivery, among others.

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