Sunday , May 16 2021

Racing will celebrate its title before defense and justice: watch, TV and formation

racing, a new champion Superliga, will close their participation in the competition in solemn climate when you receive escort Defense and Justice, u avellaneda, in the match that matches twenty-fifth and last date.

The meeting will take place from 18:30 at the stadium President Perón, with arbitration Nicolás Lamolina and television broadcasting TNT Sports Premium and Fox Sports Premium, "Academy" comes from downloading the title of the previous day in winwhere he tied 1 to 1 with tiger in a dramatic match that was played at the same time as Defense-Union, to ended with the same result.

After all, this enabled a combination of markers racing come to 56 points, four more than the "Sokola", unobtrusive difference for those of Varela, who dreamed of fighting all the way to the last game, his crowning chance.

Now the two teams that animated the tournament finally face, albeit in a different context, with racing celebrating in front of their fans and defense closing his participation in the historic second place.

Aside racing, the only point of disorder was related to the situation Ricardo Centurión, which started this Friday sharp criticism of the leader, of these confirmed that he would continue his career in the second club.

Directors and "Ricky" also passed a statement about the presence of football players in the Champions League, something that now seems unbelievable. As for football, coaches Eduardo Coudet, unlike what was happening, was not confirmed by the team and it has attributed this to "It was a special week and he could not have been dressed the way he worked".

Actually, in the last practice among the players appeared players who were substitute players Iván Pillud and Jonatan Cristaldo, "We will define the team on Sunday," Chacho reported.

On the other side, Defense and Justice comes from matching as local 1 to 1 in front union and trainers Sebastian Becaccece He warned that he would celebrate "in court" racing second-placed ".

Although he did not publish the show, he would make a modification compared to eleven players who started playing against the Santa Fe team. The variant would be in the offensive area where it would appear Ignacio Aliseda, leaving their place Fernando Marquez or baptist Merlini.

racing: Gabriel Arias; Iván Pillud or Renzo Saravia, Leonardo Sigali, Alejandro Donatti, Eugenio Mena; Nery Domínguez; Matías Zaracho, Guillermo Fernández, Neri Cardozo or Augusto Solari; Lisandro López and Jonatan Cristaldo or Darío Cvitanich. DT: Eduardo Coudet.

Defense and Justice: Ezequiel Unsain; Julio González, Lisandro Martínez, Alexander Barboza Ullúa, Rafael Delgado; Domingo Blanco, Leonel Miranda, Matías Rojas; Ciro Rius, Nicolás Fernández and Bautista Merlini or Fernando Márquez. DT: Sebastian Beccacece.

stadium: President Perón (Racing).

referee: Nicolás Lamolina.

television: TNT Sports and Fox Sports Premium.

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