Monday , January 25 2021

Ravinet says Carrous judge "gave himself treatment" by condemning Chelie

Jaime Ravinet, the former defense minister, has criticized imprisonment for a term of three years and one prison day received by the former commander of the Army, Juan Emilio Cheyre. "These judges give themselves a treat", Ravinet said in conversation with the radio of the Danube.

In addition, former mayor Santiago said "Following the criteria of Judge Carroze, all military members of the Air Force and Navy of the Year 73 are sort of concealment, because everyone knows, even if they are not part of, what happened".

On the other hand, Ravinet defended the former chief of the army who said it "When democracy returns, Cheyre makes the Self-criticism of the Army and recognizes violations of human rights."

It should be borne in mind that Ravinet was the minister of defense in the government Ricardo Lagos, the same period in which Juan Emilio Cheyre was the highest authority of the Army.

The prison sentence lasted for three years and one day in prison that was received by Cheyre will be filled conditional regime, so it will not go to jail.

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