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Samsung could launch up to four Galaxy Note 10 models

Samsung could launch up to four Galaxy Note 10 models

Rumors about a smaller version Samsung Galaxy Note 10 They are appearing on the web for weeks. And it is true that we could see a smaller variant and some more specifications, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Especially since the South Korean company used a similar mechanism with the new Galaxy S10. But what if there were not only two models of note 10? This suggests a new filtration we will see nothing more and nothing less than four models.

According to a report from South Korea, Samsung is considering launching up to four Galaxy Note 10 models, given the success of different versions of the Samsung Galaxy S10. Model S10e, with a smaller screen and lower performance, & # 39; replicate & # 39; will be in the Galaxy Note 10 that will have a triple camera and a 6.28-inch screen. We would also see another model with similar specifications, though with a larger board (up to 6.75 inches) and four cameras.

Two versions with support for 5G networks


What happens to the remaining two variants? They would be similar models, The only difference is that it will come with 5G connectivity, while the two mentioned will only support LTE networks. Therefore, the catalog of the Galaxy Note 10 looks like this:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 6.28 "(4G and 5G version).
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 6.75 "(version 4G and 5G).

Of course, some specifications, such as autonomy, can be modified in the 5G version by linking. And other factors, such as the thickness or weight of the device. Of course, sS Pen is expected to be included in all four models, one of the main specifications of these devices.

While it is true that these rumors about the new Samsung mobile phone are very, very interesting, you have to take them with the tweezers. There are still no leaks demonstrating these models, we will have to wait for the following news.

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