Saturday , September 18 2021

Scientists discover the relationship between the origin of the galaxy and the creation of black holes

The research points out that the origin of certain quantities of super-massive black holes was related to the collision of the galaxy.

We know that in the middle of the Milky Way there is a super-massive black hole. In addition to the disturbing fact that it is in our neighborhood, we do not know much about how it came or how it was created. In fact, that's something that still holds a mystery about those black holes of such magnitude in galaxies like ours.

An international team of scientists, including Chilean researchers, has just discovered something that reveals about this subject. According to the group, the existence of super-massive black holes is a consequence of the phenomena between the galaxy. Specifically: brutal conflict between the two.

The document published in Nature has released a conclusion after recording 20 years of telescope observations such as Hubble or Keck and Neil Gehrels Swift X-ray cameraman.

Astrophysics Institute of Astrophysics of the Catholic University, Ezequiel Treister, explained that the research consists of:

What we have discovered is that almost 20% of the fast-growing black holes (known as AGN) are associated with later phases of the galaxy shock process. I think, shortly before they merge and form a colossal black hole".

In other words, it is believed that a certain amount of super-massive black holes owes to the existence of the collision of two galaxies, This will be given by joining two galactic nuclei in one large black hole.

The procedure will be given as in the next computer simulation. Three billion years ago, two galaxies would gather and collide to join one element. In the meantime, this is compared to the real shot of the Swift-BAT X-ray telescope.

What does that mean?

Treister points out the great unknowns trying to solve this investigation:

"Thanks to this paper, we are now closer to solving the two major astronomers of astrophysics: how the galaxies were formed, and how in the center of them are the supermassive black holes, and more importantly … Why are both processes connected?".

This study is very useful for recognizing what will happen in the future for galaxies like ours. We already knew that the Milky Way would collide with Andromeda in the future. According to, we can expect to be in the same simulation process we have just seen.

The study concludes that dark black holes, that is, those covered with materials such as dust and gas from galactic fusion, are more likely to participate in this type of dynamics. "Gun blockage is a key mechanism for wiretapping these processes", said Claudio Ricci, astronomer of astronomical core at Diego Portales University and also part of the working team.

The goal now is to understand how the feeding and growth of these black holes occurs during the process of collision between two galaxies and how interaction with the galaxies that lead them is taking place.

Scientists discover the relationship between the origin of the galaxy and the creation of black holes

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