Thursday , May 6 2021

She is a beautiful teen actress behind Young Wife, a shocking new TVN Turkish TV series TV and show

A young Turkish actress Cağla Şimşek (17) He became a star in his country after playing Zehra, A 13-year-old girl forced by her father to marry someone who does not like paying off family debt Young woman, a new TV series that will debut on TVN in January and in the break-even term.

However, Cağlina's career began with five years on television when he made a television set addition. Since then, she has had a rising career that she has shown her as an example in her native country, as apart from being shining on television, she is a very good student in her formal education where she has gained important credit for school success.

In our country, the actress is also known for playing the Reyhana in the novel Elif, There is Elif's best friend and he is struggling to help the girl in all the obstacles he prepares for life.

in Young womanMeanwhile, Zehra, his character, must live unceasingly when he has to leave his family and stay in the house with his new wife.


Isolated by her dearest will be her teacher Melek, who will start fighting to free her from the unfair destiny imposed on her by tradition, although none of them imagines that her alliance will reveal a secret from the past that will connect them forever.

Influence of soap opera that deals with the abuse of women with drama and reality, has turned it into success in tunes in eastern Europe, the Middle East and South America, where he reached a large audience in Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru and Argentina, transforming the young woman into an international star.

The actress, who was born in Istanbul, is 17 years old and is a very important figure in social networks where, for example, Instagram has more than 564,000 followers. There he shares many more daring photographs, as we will see in the telescopes, which include the ring in the navel, the necklaces and the translucent. He also publishes photographs of his projects, as well as trips to and from his country.

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