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Since 2018, the EPN government has stopped vaccinating against measles

I just opened an investigation to find out why we did not use measles vaccine last year.

It was only in 2018 that in Mexico, even when there were no complicated cases of measles for 22 years, there was concern about the outbreak of this disease that could harm our people. According to experts from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, since 1996 only 176 people have been infected by people coming from overseas to the national territory.

However, this year is the case that the new Ministry of Health ministry now condemns: Enrique Peña Nietto's government ceased to apply a measles vaccine during that 2018. Now, the same body asks for lack of vaccine because the service is contracted.

Since 2018, the EPN government has stopped vaccinating against measles 1

Why did not EPN rule during 2018 did not apply these vaccines?

Following the emergence of an emergency medical emergency in the United States for Mexican outbreaks, Mexican authorities have put batteries in place to activate vaccine delivery against this disease to avoid the outbreak of a disease that has not occurred for more than two decades.

However, the Ministry of Health has taken the opportunity to make a statement to the body of internal control, the lack of more than 770,000 children vaccinated against measles in 2018, although this was partly the case in 2015, as vaccination coverage also reduced year, without EPN or someone from his government explaining the reasons.

"The outgoing administration had to act responsibly and tell us: this is our risk assessment, because we did not achieve vaccination coverage for X or Y reasons, we made it transparent to us as new management and society and then put ourselves in the point of preoccupation participation from the beginning" , assured Hugo López-Gatell, Undersecretary for Prevention and Promotion of Health.

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Since 2018, the EPN government has stopped vaccinating against measles 2

Termination of contract, 24 hours before entering AMLO

It was precisely Lopez-Gatell who assured 24 hours before joining Andrés Manuel López Obrador to be notified as new organs in the health sector that the contract was signed by Laboratorios Imperiales Pharma, the supplier of these vaccines, initiating the termination of the contract.

"He did not warn us of this (EPN) lack of vaccine, especially in 2018, the vaccine delivery provider did not deliver the vaccine in June, August, October, and when we entered, what happened on December 1, that 24 hours before that contract began, "he condemned the Undersecretary for Prevention and Promotion of Health.

since 2018, the EPN government has stopped vaccinating against measles 3

There is no embezzlement by the EPN government

It explains why: when Laboratorios Imperiales Pharma claims that it is not their responsibility for the lack of vaccine in 2018, they point out that the Federal Sanitation Commission (Cofepris) has not published the series because they stated that they did not pass the quality tests,

Then, although it meant that they were not paid and that there was no embarrassment, the government of Enrique Peña Nieta did not protect the country from the possible outbreak of measles. Right now, in this situation, the AMLO government intends to carry out what they called a "rapid risk assessment" to identify the most vulnerable places and thus prioritize them in the National Week of Vaccination 2019, which will be held mid-February.

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