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Skin Prisoner in Fortnite: how to unlock all skin styles

With activation week 9 season 7 Fortnite, players can now unlock The inmate's skin, a new aspect available to those who have completed 60 weeks of challenges. This is a four-stitched skin, although not all of them are available first. The way of unlocking the remaining three styles is one of the newest of this skin.

As we have said, to get all the styles of this aspect, you will need to make a series of small searches. If you do not lose the details of what, next, we'll explain how to unlock all skin styles Prisoner in Fortnite.

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How to unlock all skin styles Prisoner in Fortnite

To unlock the first skin style of a prisoner, you have to meet only 60 of the 63 challenges that are currently available FortniteAfter you do this, you can equip your skin, a necessary condition for unlocking another style.

To do this, when you jump from a combat bus, or at any other time of the game, head to the Polar Peak Castle. The land is located in the upper part of the castle, in a large tower in the north (the only one you saw at the beginning of the season). Go down the stairs and you will find a table: when you approach them, the key will float. Interaction with her and another style is yours.

How to unlock other skin style Prisoner in Fortnite

We will update when we know how to unlock the last two styles, again, maybe use other additional keys in the castle, and we may even have to wait until the next week to unlock the third style (CONTENT IN PROCESS).

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