Sunday , May 9 2021

Soon we can see the first image of the black hole »MuyComputer

The scientific community is in uncertainty after the manager Telescope Event Horizon (EHT) to announce a conference call for this week, where the first results of their research will be presented, which they claim to be, presuming "a revolutionary result of great scientific significance".

More specifically, the project currently in charge of EHT focuses on studying two super-massive black holes. These black holes have the largest horizons of visible events that can be seen from Earth (which we could consider as visible edge): the first and closest of them would be Sagitarius A *, located in the heart of the Milky Way, while the other would be in the elliptical M87 galaxy.

So by joining a series of distributed aerials around the world, it will be created a giant virtual telescope the size of our planet. The goal is to try to generate enough magnification to visualize the area around the black holes, a point behind which even the light can not escape.

Simply put, the final result expected to be seen is none other than the one out the first real image of the black hole history.

"This ability it would open a new window in the study of general relativity in the strong field regime, the accumulation and exit processes at the edge of the black holes, the existence of the horizon of events and the fundamental physics of the black holes", Declared by the EHT team as a project description.

Press conferences will be held next Wednesday, April 10th simultaneously in Brussels, Lyngby, Santiago (in Spanish), Shanghai, Tokyo, Taipei and Washington DC, from 13:00 UTC, or 15:00 in Spain.

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