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Special Report: "La Risas, a wild and powerful narcotics clan" – Special report

Special Report: "La Risas, a wild and powerful narcotics clan"

We have been investigating for 15 months one of the most impressive posters of the southern part of Santiago, a hierarchical and organized clan with high firepower. We are only participating in the largest operation of the year to condemn this criminal band. Tvn


15 months, team Special report investigated "Laughter", a dangerous drug dealer group, accused of being one of the most serious and fiercest criminal clans in the southern part of Santiago. It is a hierarchical criminal group with a high firepower led by three brothers. The dome dividing the command and directing the narco cartel in the style of Joaquín "Chapo" Guzmán in Santiago.

They drive, kill, kidnap, and collect ransom. At the same time, they have the luxury of publishing different and unique photos, messages with the idols of the national football team, Charles Arganguiz and Leonardo Valencia.

Why do footballers take pictures with a black band? What conceals this apparent closeness between these extraordinary athletes and criminals? The plaintiff does not exclude Arganguiza and Valenzia.


That is how the current narco culture works. New caps are depicted with domestic and foreign personalities, and show their power in social networks with weapons, premium vehicles, holidays abroad and jewelery. They seek legitimacy and recognition to buy silence, loyalty, and build fear. "La Risas" also profits from the proximity of the popular reggaeton Franco "Gorilla".

It appears that one of the clan leaders is associated with a 21-year-old boy killer. What was the investigation of the Public Prosecutor's Office?


For years, this criminal organization was "untouchable". He had protective nets and a security system. The leaders had surveillance cameras and radio communications systems to protect themselves.

But nothing is forever. A special report participated solely in the largest police operation of the last trip to halt the head of the clan.

Repeat the Special Report: "Laughter, Wild and Powerful Narcotics".

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