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"The durability of the Underground Castile remains an ethical problem for us"

What's your feeling after this long process?

It's a categorical failure and what some of us thought of from the moment my dad died was strange what happened at the clinic and the verdict confirms what I said so long ago. I think the judge Madrid did a very intense and hard work. We really thank you for this because you have shown that justice in our country comes when investigations are done deeply and responsibly. So obviously, I do not know if the word is happy, but I'm calm, because I think my father deserved to know the truth about everything he had at the clinic.

You have been identified as the person who prompted this cause. Personally, what do you feel?

Peace, because I think everything my dad deserved. Today is a day that has truly triumphed what many initially considered inventions to gain state resources or political power. And none of this has been proven. What prompted us and encouraged us to know the truth and to wait for justice, because no complaints are coming.

At first they asked for it to be classified as a murder and in the end it was just a murder, did they learn how to complain?

The safest thing is to regret it. This is a 811 page failure, lawyers have time to appeal from here until Monday, so imagine the task we left these days.

What is your opinion that the verdict determines that there is no criminal liability in the proceedings of today's undercover Luis Castilla?

As President DC Fuad Chahin said very well, the durability of Castilla for us remains an ethical problem because we do not think it is prudent and we can not trust the person who in the verdict, acknowledging in his statements that he hid the information, we consider it to be valid an argument to ask the president to allow us to work together with improving health, but with people who give us confidence and peace.

Eduardo Frei Ruiz Tagle said it was for all triumph, but he also recognized his work: How did you understand this reign as a family? Is the family united?

Yes, none of my brothers question our father's murder and that is the fundamental thing. We are all very encouraged, no doubt, with this ratification and we have the pain we all share. As Eduardo said, our father and mother raised us to a united family with the values ​​we all share. And the memory of my father today clearly unites us more than ever.

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