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The education ministry called for the closure of the Universidad del Pacífico

Ministry of Education completed an investigation against the University of the Pacific and asked the National Council for Education (CNED) cancel their recognition as a college.

By this decision, a new step will be taken to close the campus, whose date will be determined at the next session of CNED.

In the investigation it was not possible to find out if there was any profit or not on the campus, since all other parameters related to work and academic relationships were violated, it was decided that the process would be suspended.

Juan Eduardo Vargas, head of the Higher Education Department at the Ministry of Education, said, "We are sending a proposal to the National Educational Council to abolish the official recognition of the Universidad del Pacífico in relation to students who remain at the Universidad del Pacífico we are waiting for the Closure Manager to arrive, we will need to see how much the administrator needs to make the closure plan and to reach agreement with the university to become a teacher. "

"This process should last at least in the first semester," he said.

Future of students

now the number of students remaining in the institution is unknown, since there are no conditions or provisions for the delivery of a transfer certificate.

However, at least 200 students contacted private institutions that signed an agreement with the Ministry of Education for their relocation.

Javier Iñiguez, a spokeswoman for the students, commented that "if the same university does not have that information, that's the truth." I do not know what's going to happen to us Currently. We have lost, there is nothing to support that we have a certain number of years or a certain number of branches. "

"There are a few who have already been enrolled elsewhere, few, who have largely decided to go from scratch instead of waiting for papers they knew they would not get," he said.

"In the case of a few, this was our second race and we've been burning CAE & # 39; so we can not do anything else, we can not change for ours because we need the benefit of CAE, which is in the end more needed, "he stressed.

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