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The fatal bus overturned with workers at Tarapaci

Six people died on Monday night due to overturned passenger bus transported by personnel from the EMIN mining company, on a 48-kilometer route A-65, in the municipality Pozo Almonte, Tarapacá Region.

In the middle of shifts the workers of the company's contractor went from the operation of the mining district of Collahuasi to the city Iquique on the Pullman del Norte line, which was contracted for that service, detailed in the early morning hours at Seremi de Transportes de Tarapacá, Carlos Navarrete, And Cooperative.

Accidents are registered 18 injured, the authorities confirmed.

Accident witnesses said the vehicles saw the lip through that area, so no braking on the brakes was excluded.

Throughout the statement, EMIN regretted it because of a serious accident "where six collaborators and several more injured were killed."

Previously, Transport Seremi estimated the number of deaths in five.

Several of them are seriously hurt

"Five people are serious, who were referred to the Regional Hospital Iquique and some to Pozo Almonte, "he pointed out Fire Department of Pozo Almonte, Efraín Lillo.

The supervisor said that "due to the magnitude of the bus, we could say that it was a miracle that – to the moment – we only have five dead, since it has virtually completely broken ".

All Pozo Almonte firefighters company worked for about 35 minutes to save people who were on the overturned bus.

As for the connection, Onemi reported it Route A-65 was interrupted to facilitate the work of emergency teams.

They work on firefighters, carabineros, SAMUs, municipal staff and Ambulance Minera Collahuasi.

SIAT is in charge of the investigation according to the instructions of the Ministry of Public Administration.

EMIN reported that it has activated its emergency protocols "to protect our staff, as well as the families affected, with whom we establish contact, to make available all the support and resources for their help in this matter."

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