Saturday , May 15 2021

The fire attack affected housing in Contulmu

On Saturday, there was a burning incident in the Valle de Elicura sector, in Contulmo municipality, south of the Arauco province, in the region of Biobío.

manager Arauco, María Bélgica Tripailaf, explained that, according to information from Carabineros, "a burned warehouse, a warehouse and a garage and a room in the house-a mediator that would fit the home guard".

"They were all connected and were without tenants or residents at the time of the incident", he added provincial authority.

Tripailaf also pointed out that there was a sort of flag flag near the place that contained a message alluding to Camila Catrillanca – "Catrillanca Vive", a communist who killed Carabineros at Ercilli.

It is important to note that the affected property was located on the same plot on which the employer's house was burnt down, which occurred in July last year and which had similar characteristics of third-party intervention.

It is expected that in the next few hours the public prosecutor's office will conduct appropriate investigations.

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