Sunday , May 9 2021

The girl suffers from a flea infestation on her feet after walking the boss

A ten-year-old girl, perfectly healthy, went on her way to Brazil with her family where played in a pig without a shoe or socksand came back with legs full of huge black spots.

After more than a week having suffered from a strong scab on the floor and fingers, their parents were taken to the ambulance. The doctors removed more hosts and all the eggs they put into the traps who emerged from his skin and diagnosed with his tungiasis. During the time and after special treatment, the girl recovered from all the injuries.

Tungiasis is a skin infection caused by a female sandy Tunga penetrans, ectoparasite that is found in all tropical and subtropical areas of the world. These fleas are built into the skin, especially in the feet, causing painful wounds, reports The New England Journal of Medicine.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), sensory lesions occur in the feet, with your fingers, nose, lateral border and heels your favorite places to stay. It works when life conditions are uncertain, as well as in villages on remote beaches, rural communities, or poorer neighborhoods in big cities.

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