Wednesday , June 23 2021

The government will withdraw 31 columbia from the country from this winter

This Wednesday, from 07:15 hours, they will be expelled from the country 31 Colombian citizens from Group 10 Chilean Air Force (FACh), after which the courts of Chile's justice will be determined.

The measure was adopted as a result court sentences were presented by Colombian citizens crimes committed and sanctioned on the national soil, including drug trafficking, robbery with intimidation, illegal possession of weapons and robbery, among others.

Avoiding adding to what the government had brought in August last year, when 51 Colombian citizens They had to leave the country for judicial and administrative expulsion measures.

It also appears: Chileans were expelled from 51 Colombian convicts for serious crimes

Finally, between January 1 and October 23, 2018, total 1,583 aliens, while only during 2017 1,398 expulsion.

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