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The National Video Game Museum shows the Mini Vectrex console running

It is a unique 80s device that has only existed in rumors.

In the decade of the eighties consoles known as Vectrex which included some innovative elements such as integrated screen graphics and vector graphics, but unfortunately it was the victim of a so-called video game crisis in 1983.

Interestingly, the 2003 Edge magazine has allegedly discovered the existence of a Vectrex Mini pointing out that the fan saw a mini console on the chair of a manufacturing company while visiting the facilities in the early 80s.

For about 8 years, someone who claimed that the relative of the person who worked in Milton Bradley shared some scanned images of the alleged Mini Vectrex, which in some way amplified the idea that the product was at least in planning stages.


We've heard that it suggests that Mini Vectrex was just a fashion and not a real system. We have already taken the unit and inside it is a complete, authentic assembly of the original Vectrex console.

– National Museum of Video Games (@nvmusa) November 16, 2018

And for those who doubted its truthfulness, the museum even restored the device and made it as you can see it, as you can see in the video below:

The mini version of the Vectrex console comes with a screen, controls and integrates the handle from the top and can carry it, so it certainly looks like the device that was inspiration for today's gears such as the Nintendo Switch.

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