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The new Toyota Corolla is surprising with its tenth generation

With more than 78 years in the market, Cofiño Stahl is still at the forefront and on this occasion is surprised by the twelfth generation of the new Toyota Corolla.

Car brand Corolla has positioned itself globally in 150 countries as a leader in car sales.

Corolla came to the market in 1966, innovating trends over the years, from cars to everyone to qualifying as competitive, efficient, economical and above all expectations.

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Top technology

With the arrival of the new Toyota Corolle in its twelfth generation, it is possible to mark technological innovations.

This has a design that delights in its style, because it is simpler but more dynamic, the company stands out.

This is because it has a good amplitude and stability, with the sport style that "all dreams" expresses.

In addition, its interior is so sophisticated that it produces a sense of purity, which is evident through the refinement of its pieces.

In the travel case, there is unmatched maneuverability, allowing for more convenient handling.

As if that is not enough, there is a technological security system that is surprising, besides, contributes to the environment.

Corolla seeks to satisfy even the toughest customer tastes so they have different colors.

  • White pearl,
  • Metalic silver,
  • gray,
  • Black,
  • Red Mica,
  • Dark blue

Other features

During this twelfth generation, Corolla gives drivers the experience of driving a car with amplitude in the front glass.

Likewise, side mirrors have been moved to reduce dead spots, the managers say.

Among other things, there is a button, as well as a control on the steering wheel, a dual automatic climate control, a 7-inch touchscreen and a mobile phone for driving a car, to make the ride a great adventure.

Unparalleled experience

With harmonic enhancements, they offer the best service in their components, from the ZR-FAE engine, transmission, towing, steering and suspension.

"For the petrol version, the new 2ZR-FAE 1.8-liter engine with 138 powerful horsepower at 6100 rpm, 16 DOHC valves, VALVEMATIC system, injected on the bow and 231 NM torque at 3900 rpm is available.

Gasoline versions are available with a 6-speed manual transmission and an i-MT system that provides more sport handling and achieves better fuel economy.

For hybrid versions, they are available with a new 2ZR-FXE 1.8L engine with 16 DOHC valves, Dual VVT-i and EFI injectors from 97 hp at 5200 rpm and 142 Nm at 3600 rpm, combined with an electric motor to reach 72 horsepower power and 163 Nm; These engines work together unmatched performance in the city and on the highway.

The hybrid version is available with a CVT transmission with up to 6 manual changes.

Feeling safe

The new Toyota Corolla also applies a security package in case of an accident in its hybrid version.

This is the quality of the driver's help in preventing car accidents because it reduces damage and injury.

Thanks to the safety package, there is a collision system, abandoned belt warning, adjustable cruise control and automatic light change.

"The twelfth generation of COROLLA comes to define the comfort, performance, design and elegance of a true limousine, adapting to the needs of our customers to face the challenges of modern life," says the company.



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